Monday, January 7, 2013

Sentence Sneak Peek - The Darkest Minds

The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken

The first sentence from each chapter of The Darkest Minds, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* Spoilers are highlighted like so :)
* ARC received from NetGalley for review

“When the White Noise went off, we were in the Garden, pulling weeds.”

Grace Somerfield was the first to die.”

“It rained the day they brought us to Thurmond, and it went on to rain straight through the week, and the week after that.”

“Samantha—Sam—and I were both assigned to Cabin 27, along with the rest of the girls from our bus that were classified as Green.”

“I woke to cold water and a woman’s soft voice.”

“I didn’t remember falling asleep, only waking.”

“It was still dark out when I opened my eyes.”

“We reached Marlinton’s city limits at seven o’clock in the morning, just as the sun decided to reappear from behind the thick layer of clouds.”

“He—no, she—opened her mouth, her lips parting in a silent gasp.”

“The single bullet cut a path straight down the center of the minivan, exciting out through the windshield.”

Chubs was the one to wake me.”

“I got maybe ten miles before the boys began to rouse.”

“The hot water was enough to make me forget I was standing in an old motel’s shower, washing my hair with shampoo that reeked of fake lavender.”

Chubs and Zu were not happy to be woken up at five thirty a.m., and even less enthusiastic about Liam forcing them to make the bed while we freshened up the bathroom and replaced the used towels.”

“I slipped off into sleep somewhere between Staunton and Lexington, and woke up just in time to get a perfect view of the towering white warehouse that was Roanoke, Virginia’s former Walmart.”

“As they came closer, I saw their mismatched dark clothes and the grime on their faces.”

“It was an hour, maybe more, before Liam’s breathing evened out and he began to snore.”

“According to Chubs, Jack Fields was the second son in a family of five kids, and the only one to survive Idiopathic Adolescent Acute Neurodegeneration.”

“My eyes were shut, but I could imagine what must have happened.”

“When I was about to turn ten years old, the most significant thing about that number was that it was doubledigits.”

“That night we slept in the van, each sprawled out on a seat.”

East River was, after all that speculating, nothing more than a camping ground.”

“That was something Clancy Gray liked to do, apparently—watch me.”

“Just because Clancy had all that power, it didn’t mean he actually used it.”

“I don’t know how long I stood there, staring at his hand, bile rising in my throat as fast and steady as a scream.”

“It shouldn’t have surprised me that Liam threw himself back into watch duty, but it took a generous amount of coaxing from the others for his mind to refocus on the camps.”

“The computer’s frantic beeping woke me from a dreamless sleep, tugging me out until my eyes drifted open.”

“There was a single moment when no one moved at all.”

“Chubs returned a few minutes after Liam faded into a restless sleep.”

“My legs were half frozen when we were finally brave enough to move.”

“Hours later, when it was just the three of us back on the road, we finally had a chance to tell Liam exactly what had happened to us the night before.”

“It was the cold water that woke me, more than the woman’s soft voice.”

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