Monday, January 28, 2013

Sentence Sneak Peek - Asunder

Asunder by Jodi Meadows

The first sentence from each chapter of Asunder, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* Spoilers are highlighted like so :)
* ARC won from the awesome people at Epic Reads

“MY LIFE WAS a mistake.”

“DARK TENDRILS FLICKERED in and out of the light.”

CRIS LEFT THE cottage as the sun rose.”

“SAM WAS ALREADY sleeping on the sofa when the noise came, a soft shriek of wind that sent splinters of fear through my chest.”

“AFTER MORE RESEARCH and note consolidation than I could stand, I slumped on the rickety bed to check my SED.”

“A COUPLE OF hours later, the sylph watched us go.”

“THE COUNCILHOUSE WAS an immense building with a wide half-moon stair spreading out from the front.”


“I’D BEEN RIGHT about the shift in Heart over the next couple of weeks.”

“IN THE MORNING, Sam and I headed to the Councilhouse, a firm plan in mind: deny.”

“WHEN I CAME out the side door, the market field was still busy with people walking around, chatting, and listening to music on their SEDs, but not as crowded as before.”

“THE TRUTH ABOUT newsouls?”

CRIS SAID HE’D be happy to fit us in, so the next after-noon, Sam and I headed through the city, toward the northeast quarter.”

“THROUGH THE WINDOW glass, the sky turned velvet indigo as the sun hovered below the city wall and horizon.”

“NO SOUND EXISTED inside the temple, not even ringing in my ears, like silence after a loud noise.”


“THE WATER BOTTLE dropped to the floor, spilling open, and Meuric howled with laughter.”

“I MADE IT as far as South Avenue before my legs refused to work anymore, so Sam carried me.”

“AFTER TELLING SAM everything that happened in the temple, I didn’t have the energy to attempt translating the books, though I’d hoped to try.”

“AFTER EVERYONE FINISHED deciding who would do what for our market day demonstration, we broke into smaller groups.”

“THERE WERE THREE more explosions, each an hour after the one before.”

“WHEN I GOT up a few hours later, I started coffee and took care of all the chores.”

“INSIDE WHIT’S HOUSE, warmth prickled across my face as I unwrapped my scarf and pulled off my coat.”


“AS I LEFT his room, I wanted him to stop me.”

“DAYS LATER, WE walked to the street and South Avenue, past walls of snow rising as high as my shoulders.”

“I TUMBLED INTO the white chamber, all painful glow of everywhere-light and the deafening throb of Janan’s heart-beat.”


“AFTER STARTLING STEF and Cris into silence, I marched over to Meuric’s skeleton and kicked the skull.”


“AFTER SPENDING A few days in the hospital, I was taken to the Council chamber.”

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