Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Ultimate Fan Contest! - The ACROSS THE UNIVERSE Series

This is my entry for The Ultimate Fan Contest! that Beth Revis is having, showing why I'm the ultimate fan, it's also just another way to show how much I enjoy this series. :)

I have adored this series ever since reading the first chapter and then ultimately after reading the first book I loved it even more.  It just fits so many of my interests and really clicked with me.  I highly recommend this book to everybody.  The book really makes you contemplate how much faith a person would have to have to leave one world behind for the promise of another.  The characters and setting just combine to produce a wonderfully intense and almost claustrophobic thrill ride of a read.  

My Review of the second book, A Million Suns 

- The presents that I said I would buy for Across the Universe on its book birthday can be found here.

This is my entry from an earlier creative contest that Beth Revis had.  I had a lot of fun making up haikus for just about every important event and character.

I even have a collection of Across the Universe jewelery:

A very cool necklace.

My favorite Christmas present from last year, an Across the Universe charm bracelet.

These quotes are some of my favorite and give you a glimpse of why you should read this series:

My favorite quotes from Across the Universe:

"It is like a piece of my soul has been lost, empty, and it is now filled with the light of a million stars."

"How could anyone say someone with sunset hair is nonessential?"

My Favorite Quotes from A Million Suns:

"But whatever it is that you're not telling me scares you, and I'm not going to let you be scared and alone.  So you're sticking with me, and I'm sticking with you."(pg. 100)

"Oh, shut up and put some pants on!"(pg. 165)

"I will do anything to make her happy again, so I give her the stars."(pg. 169)

"You idiot.  Of course I care about you." (pg 211)

"Of everyone on this ship, even the frozen bodies of my parents, Elder's the only one who handed me truth and waited for me to accept it." (pg. 8/9)

"Funny how a book about hell reminds me of home." (pg. 39)

Anyway I am definitely a fan of this series and winning the Ultimate Fan Contest would be cool indeed.

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