Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sentence Sneak Peek - Fierce Dawn

Fierce Dawn by Amber Scott

The first sentence from each chapter of Fierce Dawn, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* Spoilers are highlighted like so :)

“Sadie Graves did not have time for this.”

“A shiver of wariness raced under Elijah Stokes’ skin.”

“Elijah stood.”

“Sadie’s sandal thunking the waiting room chair filled the silence like a broken wind chime.”

“Sadie pressed the popcorn button on the microwave and returned her attention to Ben.”

“The card aisle at the grocery store offered Sadie zero help.”

“Back home and safely inside, Sadie slumped against the door and listened to Remy’s car drive away.”

“The car’s music pulsed from the speakers, drowning out the engine, burying Sadie’s fears.”

“Sadie recognized the outline of his body.”

“Elijah didn’t know what to say.”


“The sharp flash of Elijah’s return hurt Sadie’s eyes.”


“Sadie set the charcoal pencil down, absorbed in the black and white reproduction of the image in her head.”

“Guilt prodded at Elijah.”

“Shouldn’t we be leaving?”

“She couldn’t stand to be in this room a minute longer.”

“The pain mostly gone, Sadie could roam Elijah’s bedroom, peak out the window and stare at the Superstition Mountains and dread facing Astrid yet again.”

“You can’t go home,” Elijah said.”

“At night as a girl, standing in her nana’s bedroom in the dark, a breeze fluttering gauzy lavender curtains open as Sadie peered up at the stars, she’d imagine herself grown up.”

“Dawn drenched the St. Louis sky in pale gold.”

“Sadie spoke the words and could not take them back.”


“Sadie stared out the hospital window at the Zen garden.”

“The room wasn’t hotter.”

“Sadie almost crumbled from relief, but Elijah caught her into his arms and crushed her first.”

“Mere hours had passed since Crusoe transported Holly away.”

“One moment Elijah had transcended Sadie into some sort of magical sphere, the next it dissolved.”

“Muffled screeches and banging on walls.”

“The fragrant, balmy air told Sadie they were somewhere tropical, but the night concealed any other clues until Elijah brought them down.”

“Heather looked beautiful, standing there holding her bulging, pregnant belly.”

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