Monday, December 17, 2012

Meet Oona, Bibliognome's new Reviewer

Today I'm very happy to introduce/welcome Bibliognome's new reviewer, Oona.  I'm thrilled to have another reviewer because this will allow Bibliognome to review even more books and to of course be even more awesome.  :)

Oona's Bio:  As I child, I was unable to read until I was in third grade due to undectected visual problems (yes, I need glasses!).  Once my visual problems were corrected I began to gobble up books.  I had so much catching up to do!  I managed to spend most of my childhood and teen years reading for fun - in between school work that is.  And that's pretty much how it stayed as an adult.  I became and stayed a reader, lover of books, and ultimately a librarian.  I'm sure my parents never realized what I'd turn into, since I didn't either.  But they don't complain, they just hit me up for book recommendations, LOL.

Interview with Oona

Bibliognome:  Why do you think it's important to review books?

Oona:   Reviews often get people who would not read to pick up a book and try it.  And sometimes, encouraging that "reluctant" reader results in the reader becoming a life long reader.  You just never know.  Besides, reading opens doors, and minds.

Bibliognome:  What's been your favorite book so far this year?

Oona:  Oh, well there's two or more you know.  No such thing as ONE favorite book!  I was waiting on Jim Butcher's excellent "Cold Days" which I read in one sitting.  PI Wizard Harry Dresend wins against all odds, but get's his butt kicked as usual.  Very funny and lots of questions answered.  But I was also very pleased to see the newest offering from Illona Andrews in the Edge series - "Steel's Edge".  Romance & magic all in one.  And very good non explicit sex scenes, which are always SO hard to write well without sounding ridiculous.  

Bibliognome:  Hardcover, paperback or ebook?
Oona :  Doesn't matter.  A book is a book no matter what format.  As long as its not audio that is... those just put me to sleep!

Bibliognome:  What super power would you want the most?
Oona:  Um... tough one.  Probably going to go with invisibility.  Now you see me, now you don't.

Bibliognome:  If you had a gnome, what would its name be?

Oona:  Stalwart, that seems a very gnomish sort of word....

Bibliognome:  What’s your favorite book or series?

Oona:  There's too many to count.  At the moment I'm quite gaga for Mr. Butcher's Harry Dresden books, but those are soooo slow to come out.  Only one a year!  I make do with other writers like Illona Andrews or Karen Chance or the wonderful Patricia Briggs (great werewolfs, vamps and a certain butt kicking stubborn coyote shifter).

Bibliognome:  What’s your favorite book to movie adaption?

Oona:  Ah well.  Gotta go with a classic - Lord of the Rings of course (all 3 movies, I'm holding off on the Hobbit as I've yet to see that one.)

Bibliognome:  Anything else we should know about you?

Oona:  I'm referred to in certain circles as the Cat Lady Kayaker a.k.a Adventure Cat.  Spend too much time around me and you'll either be carting a feline looking for a home back to your place, all the while wondering where the hell you got it from and why you agreed to adopt it -- Or, you'll wind up in one of my adorable wooden kayaks paddling to god knows where and freezing your tushie off.  (Yes, I'm certifiable - see "cat lady".)

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