Monday, December 24, 2012

Gnome Story - The Christmas Conundrum

Happy Holidays everyone.  Here's a special Christmas Gnome Story written by me and my mom:

There was a battle brewing.  The Christmas Gnomes and Santa's Elves were getting ready to have a rumble. This was happening because they could not agree on who made the best toys.  The gnomes thought they had the better toys because all their toys had pointed red hats but alas Santa's elves didn't put hats on their toys.  Santa's elves did not believe in hats, they wanted to show off their own glossy hair.  The gnomes though wanted to protect their hair.  Things weren't looking good at all until each group got mysterious invitations in the mail.

It was the yearly Christmas party for the gnomes and elves.  At the party there were party hats for everyone to wear.  It was tense at first but they worked out their differences at the end of the night when in celebration they all threw their hats into the air.  As they looked around they realized that hat or no hat they were all friends and would remain so.


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