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Sentence Sneak Peek - Reached by Ally Condie

Reached by Ally Condie

The first sentence from each chapter of Reached, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* Spoilers are highlighted like so :)

A man pushed a rock up the hill.

Every morning, the sun comes up and turns the earth red, and I think: This could be the day when everything changes.

Ky said he’d meet me tonight, by the lake.”

The Pilot lives in the Borders, here in Camas.”

The medic finishes examining the little boy and stands up.”

A girl sits near me on the air train, wearing a beautiful full-skirted gown.”

We’re getting closer and closer to Grandia.”

Something’s happening.”

I can’t wait here any longer.”

I’m dying,” the patient tells me.”

I hurry along the edge of the white barricade, which runs near the Museum.”

Are you jumping today?”

There’s always a feeling of excitement in the medical center when the cures come in.”

At first the area near the Museum seems empty, and I clench my jaw in frustration.”

I’m sending a group of new patients your way,” the head physic tells me over the miniport.”

At dusk the evening light gilds the white of the barricade into gold, and the sky is cool and blue except for the spot where the sun burns down beyond the horizon.”
Where are we going?”

Someone’s coming into the Archivists’ hiding place; I hear their feet on the stairs.”

Over the course of the night, fifty-three new patients come in.”

The city of Oria looks like it got its teeth kicked out.”

The world is not well.”

Patient number 73 exhibits little to no improvement.

Ky,” she whispers to me.”

We were supposed to meet months ago on a dark early-spring night by the lake, where we could be alone.”

Outside the ship, Ky paces the clearing while we wait for the villagers to come down to meet us.”

When it happens, everything feels sudden and slow at the same time.”

Ky,” Cassia says.”

The village isn’t still at all.”

Where are you, Ky?

Someone comes inside.”

I must have fallen asleep, because I jump when the prison door opens.”
I should go to see Ky.”

Her voice comes back first.”

Xander finds me there next to Ky.”

Oker’s so driven, it’s almost inhuman.”

Sometimes, when I am tired, it seems that I have never lived anywhere else.”

Every time she leaves, Cassia always promises that she’ll be back.”

Oker,” Leyna says, “the sorters have made a new list for you.”

I was in the infirmary when the first person died .”

Past the border
No one can see.

Cassia,” Anna says, standing in the doorway of the infirmary, “come with us.”

Oker locks the doors behind us in the lab.”

It’s raining.”

People still mill about in the village circle, talking about the result of the vote, so I hurry around the back of the buildings at the edge of the village to try to get to Xander.”


Suspicions trickle through the village, cold and creeping like winter rain.”

I can’t see Cassia herself, but the solar-cell lamps cast her shadow on the prison wall.”

Inside the infirmary, Anna distracts the medics while I inject the cure into Ky’s line.”

not in the water anymore
why not
where is Indie

tiny lights come in and out of the darkness.”

Ky,” I say.”

Who will stand with Xander?”

People come up to take their stones back from the vote they cast for Hunter.”

Cassia’s not here anymore,” I say.”

When I open my eyes, the air ship fills the village circle.”

Two impossible things have happened.”

This all comes naturally to you,” Lei said once before.”

Don’t ask your mother about your father or the flowers right away,” Xander told me.”

We have a lead,” the Pilot says.”

In the past few weeks we’ve had several breakthroughs in administering the cure.”

I hesitate for a moment at the top of the steps, hidden behind one of the trees along the embankment, waiting for Xander to pass by.”

Cassia and I wait for the Pilot’s command.”

He takes us up higher and the air ship shudders and groans, and my heart beats fast, and I am not afraid.”

It sounds like a million birds beating their wings against the sky, but it’s only the ships flying above me.”

Ky and I stand together at the top of the steps of City Hall, holding hands and blinking in the brightness of an end-of-summer day in Camas.”

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