Tuesday, April 28, 2015

My Favorite Quotes/Lines - Alien Separation

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*Spoilers are highlighted like so :)

“Not sure what was more shocking—discovering that there’s a zillion and one universes out there and I’m representing in most of them, or discovering the identity of the Mastermind.”

“Apparently things were dicey wherever I was. Go me.”

“Because, just like here, you’re still one of the greatest guys I’ve ever known.”

“Aliens were both weird and sometimes very unaware of the best choices for certain jobs.”

“Truly, the fun around here never stopped.”

“Hey, the win column was totally empty at this moment, so I’d take even the smallest victory.”

“Christopher, snuggle up, it’s chilly and I promise not to compromise your virtue.” “Oh, fine.”

“Names are also helpful. Helps a creature know who you’re talking to and that you think enough of it to name them something specific. And all that.”

“Snakipedes, say hello to my leettle friend!”

“I note again that my crazy’s working a lot better than your sanity.”

“Being mature adults really sucks sometimes.”

“You don’t own the franchise on butt saving on Planet Colorful, Meglomaniac Lad, so don’t get uppity.”

“We have heard of Shealla’s wrath, and we will never do anything to bring it upon ourselves.”

“He’s not heavy, he’s my pig-dog brother.”

“Because every worthwhile goal requires sacrifice, courage, and perseverance to achieve.” Cannot argue with that mindset.”

“Welcome to the Army of One, Fancy.”

“Sure, it’s not fair, but then neither is life, right?”

“I knew when not to look at a gift horse’s butt.”

“Apparently I was the designated WTF asker at this time.”

“Wasn’t sure, but probably best to assume glaring unless or until this was proven to be his Pleasant Expression Face.”

“We are proud to call you Warrior Sister.”

“Ah, I loved my work sometimes.”

“Better to die a decent person than live as a vile one.”

“We’d like to live, And, ah, we’d like the fluffy monsters to stop growling at us. And drooling. We’d really like them to stop drooling.”

“And now we’re here to say that we don’t just have one Hulk. We have a plethora.”

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