Thursday, February 5, 2015

Review - Murder of Crows

Murder of Crows by Anne Bishop

5 out of 5 gnomes

This series continues to intrigue me. This second book in the series really helps build the world up even more. 

The chemistry between Simon and Meg is so sweet and you never know what’s going to happen next with them. I hope they get together but there are plenty of complications too if that did happen. Simon trying to be friends ends in some funny misunderstandings.

Seeing some of the other gards that aren’t used to humans was awesome. This also shows how much the Others have been changed by having Meg there. The new characters and an important new location add even more to the story. 

The blood prophets continue to bring a unique aspect and be full of surprises. Meg is quite the character and it’s always fun seeing her interact with the Others.

The dangerous drugs are explained even more and blood prophets and the history of them continues to show how they will continue to affect the story.

There are a lot of enemies in this book and you can foresee that there are going to be plenty of problems in the future. I thought there was only going to be one set of bad guys but this book adds some more bad guys to the mix.

Complications galore and a lot of heart makes for a fantastic read. Plus that ending leaves plenty of craziness in everybody’s futures.

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