Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My Favorite Quotes/Lines - Fifty Shades of Brains

Fifty Shades of Brains by BF Dealeo

“If you’re going to give it up, at least give it up for a decent piece of meat.”

Buck up, my inner drill sergeant yells at me.”

Albinos? Really? What is this, a Dan Brown novel?

“My inner sex goddess quickly gets a Brazilian wax and puts on a bikini. She’s ready to dive right in.”

“My inner sex goddess starts doing a slow bump and grind, a wide smile on her face.”

“He’s a fresh load of laundry in a world full of rotting rags.”

“My inner librarian rolls her eyes. Nothing’s alphabetized.”

“My inner sex goddess starts doing her Kegels.”

My sick fuck, my inner psycho chick whispers adoringly.”

It’s a cold world, bitches! my inner gangsta shouts at them.”

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