Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Review - Fifty Shades of Brains

Now I haven’t read the book that this is parodying but I’ve read parts of it and seen the many videos of celebrities reading from it (it’s not hard to get the jist of exactly what the book’s about.)  That book like any book though can be made better or a heck of a lot more interesting if you add zombies.

The main character Aurora falls for Caligula Green, the best zombie hunter in the land and the guy who's pretty much keeping everybody alive. Mr. Green is full of secrets and their courtship is shall we say, interesting.

There were plenty of unexpected events in this book. I liked that Aurora was the one who was interested in him and initiated a lot of their partnership. The albinos were another nice and funny touch.

This book is hilarious and all of Aurora’s inner goddess/inner other lines were LOL funny. There’s plenty of sex, survival and zombies.

The end of the story was unexpected yet awesome and I would definitely read another book set in this universe.

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