Wednesday, February 4, 2015

My Favorite Quotes/Lines - Murder of Crows

* These are my favorite quotes/lines from the book.
* Spoilers are highlighted like so :)

Yep, that’s our Liaison. Meg Moosekicker.”

“Given a choice, Henry would have hugged a porcupine rather than listen to such enthusiasm about lotions and hand creams.”

“They were good employees. Therefore, they were not edible.”

“She’s not one of us, but she’s not one of them either,” he snapped. “She’s Meg.”

“But if you had done all the things with a female Wolf that you have done with Meg, it would be considered a courtship. You would be presenting yourself as a potential mate.”

What?” Shit, fuck, damn. Females!”

“When it comes to being selected for a thankless job, the man who leaves the room just before the vote is the fool who gets the job,...”

“Very Wolfish of her, not wanting to be too alone. He approved.”

“A furry Wolf was a friend. A human-shaped male was a confusion.”

“A whole pack of troublesome, not-edible females.”

“I’m a girl!” she shouted. “it happens!”

“Female crazies! How dare he!”

“In his experience, a wounded, angry female was a dangerous female.”

“The Sanguinati will not harm the sweet blood.”

“I had no idea you humans lived with so much danger.”

“When would humans realize they always started the fights that would kill them?”


  1. OMG such great lines and I had forgotten that hidden line :) I adore this world and the others

    1. Yes, this book/series always has some great quotes. Yeah that hidden line says a lot and shows how things are changing. This series is one of my favorites and Bishop is definitely one of my favorite authors too.


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