Wednesday, February 18, 2015

My Favorite Quotes/Lines - Vision in Silver

Vision in Silver by Anne Bishop

* Read via NetGalley
* Book will be released March 3, 2015

“But the Courtyard’s human pack! Nothing simple about those females.”

“How was he supposed to protect Meg from Meg?”

“He’d feel better about the plan that was taking shape if he was confident that their brains would keep working.”

“As long as he could outrun them, he wasn’t worried about dealing with the female pack.”

“Was the look supposed to be a warning, a message, or just the curiosity human females and Crows seemed to have in common?”

“Hope or hatred? Which fire would light Thaisia?”

“It wasn’t blood-prophet thinking, it was regular-girl thinking!”

“...maybe he could learn to be human enough.”

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