Tuesday, April 29, 2014

P.R.R. (Pre Review Ravings) - Alien Collective

These are my P.R.R.(Pre Review Ravings) aka what I think before I write my review.

Alien Collective by Gini Koch

* Book read via the publisher for review.

* Love the cover for this one, especially after reading the scene where it takes place.

* Sandy, now that is one heck of an interesting development, I can't wait to see if this character comes back.

* Jamie and Mous Mous are quite the pair it seems.

* Would have liked to see more of the election process.

* There's a real ominous feeling throughout wondering who the Mastermind could be.

* Kitty's talent for recruiting people to their side continues to be awesome.

* Squeaky = a great character


* Definitely going to be some crazy times in their future.

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