Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Movie Review - Divergent

This movie was a pretty good adaption of the book. The two leads had great chemistry which makes me even madder about the ending of the third book. It had some of the important scenes from the book but was missing some important parts. I don’t mean to be grotesque but I did kind of miss the whole Peter stabbing Edward in the eye scene, I mean now there’s not really a connection to the factionless beyond the obvious one. I also pictured Al as a bigger guy and there weren’t a lot of scenes to make you almost feel sorry for the guy like you do in the book. The other big scene missing from the book was the Parents day scene which was great because you got to see where everybody came from and better understand them. Oh, I also really wanted to see some Dauntless chocolate cake because it sounded so awesome in the book. Overall a great movie that makes me look forward to the next one.

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  1. The conflicts inherent in old-fashioned high school movies are accommodated, with bullying to stir the blood and romance to set the heart thumping. But Divergent's assimilation of all this fails to excite.
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