Saturday, October 9, 2010

Super Saturday

Today was great, got to see Kimberly Pauley at the La Vista Public Library.

This was a lot of fun and I got two sets of books signed.  So that means a contest soon for a signed set of books :)

The meeting was lot of fun with a bunch of questions getting answered and hearing some interesting info about the books.  Such as a little story about the Spanish version of Sucks To Be Me which has a footnote saying that one of the teachers names means Ms. Vagina (apparently tweeter is a slang word the author wasn't familiar with) this demonstrates well that things are not easily changed after a book is out in the world.  Even got to hear what the title of the third book if she gets to write it,  Sucks to be Moi

There was some great pizza to eat for lunch and then the writing workshop started.  The group there came up with a rather special story about an Asian girl and a boy with naturally blue hair who just happens to be gay and a half merman.  These two are on a quest to save the boys mother.  So a rather interesting story...

Then came the fun of the ticket drawing for prizes and the book signing.  I won another copy of the 2nd book, which is why I got two complete sets of her books signed.  :)  Also won another prize, a bag, which I traded for a cool signed poster which shows the cover of the first book.

Overall an interesting/fun time.  :)

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