Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sentence Sneak Peek - Sucks To Be Me

Sucks To Be Me by Kimberly Pauley

The first sentence from each chapter of Sucks To Be Me, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

"My parents are trying to ruin my life"

"Before Serena even drops me off after school, I know who at least one of our "special" visitors is."

"Here's lesson one, Mina my dear," says Uncle Mortie around a mouthful of fried chicken."

"Okay, in case you hadn't gatered this already, vampires, in general, look absolutely nothing like Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise or David Boreanaz or any actor at all, for that matter."

"I wake up still incredibly psyched about Aubrey."

"I get to the Coffee Cafe within record time after school, making my first stop the kitschy retro bathroom after checking to make sure Aubrey wasn't there yet."

"Amazingly, I run into George five times in the hallway between classes."

"I stayed up half the night reading that stupid book and the more I read, the more pissed off I got."

"Serena calls and wakes me up at 7:30 a.m."

"I find Uncle Mortie following my mom around the kitchen."

"1:03 A.M."

"I wake up to my cell phone ringing."

"George and I are the first ones to arrive at the community center for Tuesday's vampire lesson."

"Serena and I have a study date Wednesday night to work on our Dracula projects."

"All day long I can't stop thinking about what Serena said while we were studying last night."

"George has become a regular fixture at lunch and Serena definitely doesn't seem to mind it at all."

"Considering what time I went to sleep, I wake up amazingly early: 11 a.m."

"Nathan actually comes and sits with Serena, George, and me at lunch for a while, until the restless clamoring of the A-List natives gets to be too much for him to ignore."

"This time around, George, Lorelai, Linda, and I all arrive at the same time for the vampire lesson."

"I hardly sleep at all Tuesday night and by Wednesday morning, I feel like something has run me over."

"It seems that the prom is on everyone's mind."

"Friday ends up pretty uneventful after Thursday's trauma-rama."

"The prom-dress shopping went amazingly well."

"Tuesday's vampire lesson (number seven for me, for anyone keeping track), is really the last lesson."

"Lucky for us, the teachers don't really bother to take attendance the Friday before prom."

"I finally finish my Dracula paper."

"As soon as I can reasonably assume that Serena's awake--which is fairly early, considering it is the day of the prom and she's been in a tizzy all week--I give her a call to warn her that George and I are probably not going to go."

"Did I mention that the day after prom is my birthday, which makes this whole night just that much more special?"

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