Friday, October 1, 2010

Celebrating Cool Covers - The "Alien" series by Gini Koch

The Alien series is one of my new favorites, I reviewed the first book Touched by an Alien and have already pre-ordered Alien Tango.

Now here is the cover for the next book in the series, Alien in the Family.

Art work done by Daniel Dos Santos
All of the supremely awesome Alien covers have been done by Daniel Dos Santos who I can tell from looking at these covers is a very talented man.


  1. Thanks, B! Isn't the new cover awesome? *sighs* And extra love and *smootchies* for the Alien Tango pre-order!

  2. Yeah, I was excited to find Alien Tango for only $5.99 at the Book

    Yep the covers just keep getting better. I still think the series would make a great movie. Plus hey who knows since Men in Black 3 is getting made maybe someone will look at the Alien series and see what an awesome movie they could be made into. :)


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