Friday, October 8, 2010

Fantastic Friday - More Awesomeness from one cool fictional character, Shay Doran

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to: Becky
from: Shay
message: Thanks for all your help. Maybe you can use this to do some more research...Or to pre-order Nightshade.


  1. Yeah, I know I was excited:)

    It's always good to have more book money:)

  2. How exciting! I loved the book! If you haven't already ordered it you SO should! I can't wait to read the prequel. I wish I had time to actually be involved with the clues and such :)

  3. Thanks, yeah all the clues are fun to get and go through. I do plan on ordering it because if you pre-order it the prequel is free.

  4. That is so awesome! I really liked the book, even though I got to keep my arc I'll have to order a copy anyway, prequel woot woot! :D


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