Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sentence Sneak Peek - Infinity: Chronicles of Nick

I won this book from Tiger Holland at All-Consuming Book's Turnaround Tuesday Giveaway.

Infinity: Chronicles of Nick by Sherrilyn Kenyon

The first sentence from each chapter of Infinity: Chronicles of Nick, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

Prologue: "Free will."

"I am a socially awkward mandork."

"Nick wanted to lash out so badly he could taste it."

"Nick learned a new lesson in misery as he lay in bed, alone, in the hospital for days on end, bored out of his mind."

"Welcome home, Nicky!"

"Nick let out a frustrated breath as he tried typing another search."

"They tried for several hours to reach Madaug but he wouldn't answer the number he'd left."

"In a move he hadn't used since he was a running back, Nick went to the left, turned sharp, and sidestepped them, leaving them to slam into the wall."

"Nick froze in front of Ash's shiny black car...No, not car."

"It struck him hard in the chest and knocked him down."

"Nick staggered back as the "little" girl grew to over six feet tall"

"The raven left Nick and flew up to the sky, then vanished as it was summoned away from New Orleans."



"Nick got out of the SUV in front of Bubba's store and checked the time on his cell phone."

"Madaug was alone in his room, picking up some of the mess there and crying as he realized how badly he'd screwed up."

"Nick had his head against the glass, watch-ing the road pass by as he struggled to keep from being ill."

"Nick's head slammed into the glass so hard, he saw stars as the SUV rolled over and over, careening out of control."

"Stone fell back in his cage, screaming like a four-year-old girl who'd lost her favorite toy as he held his arms up to protect himself and beg for his life."

"It was almost dawn before Bubba dropped Nick off at Kyrian's house."

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