Monday, April 7, 2014

P.R.R. (Pre Review Ravings) - Dorothy Must Die

These are my P.R.R.(Pre Review Ravings) aka what I think before I write my review.

Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige

* Book read via the publisher for review.

* Recommend reading the prequel first so you can ease yourself into this crazy world.

* Wow Amy doesn’t exactly have an easy life.

* Love how she gets to Oz.

* Beware if you are prone to getting very attached to all the characters in the story.

* If you read the old Oz books about Oz like I have then you’ll definitely figure out one of the twists.

* Dorothy is one evil witchy woman

* Meeting all the different witches is great.

* Now these flying monkeys are much more cool than the ones from the movie.

* If you’re a fan of fractured fairy tales then you’ll love this book.

* Magic, murder, mayhem = this book has it all. :)

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