Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Super Series

What series or authors are on your auto buy list?

I have adored every book/series that I've read by this author. She is just superb at world building and making you care about every character.

This book showed me that Rowell is pretty much the master at having a dual perspective, parts of the book are just like perfect poetry.

This series is chock full of awesomeness and it’s the series that makes me actually laugh out loud the most in public while reading. Funny, cool, and once again I find myself caring about every single character.

This series/author writes such awesome angst and it’s kind of like a bad soap opera that you can’t look/don’t want to look away from. This is one addictive series that I can’t wait to read.

 Greek mythology and some compelling characters = a story I can’t wait to read.

This series mixes cool supernatural elements with a family full of characters that you can’t wait to read more about.


  1. Yes to the whole list of authors :)

    1. Nice, yes I love all of these authors too because they're so great at writing characters that you can really care about. :)


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