Sunday, January 19, 2014

Story Time Serial Sign Up

I would love to get this new feature off the ground, I’ve had a Story Time on here before but I want to make Story Time even larger among book bloggers and get more people involved. So this is a sign up to gauge everyone’s interest and see who would want to take part.

- The story will be serialized. I'll write the beginning of the story and then send it to the next person that signed up, they then add a new sentence or two (no more than a five sentence paragraph), then it'll go to the next person and so on. 

- Once it gets through everybody I'll set a start date for the story and I'll post the beginning on my blog and then whoever is next in line will post the beginning and whatever they added to it, then the next day it will continue the same way.

* Also if anybody is interested in making a banner or button for Story Time let me know (I'm not very good with graphics.)

***Okay so if you're interested please let me know in the comments: your blog name/a link to your site, and your email so I can contact you.***


  1. I always enjoyed it before and would be up for taking part.
    Becky's Barmy Book Blog

    1. Awesome, here's hoping this feature takes off. Thanks for signing up. :)


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