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Sentence Sneak Peek - Throne of Glass

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

The first sentence from each chapter of Throne of Glass, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* Spoilers are highlighted like so :)

“After a year of slavery in the Salt Mines of Endovier, Celaena Sardothien was accustomed to being escorted everywhere in shackles and at sword-point.”

“Your Highness,” said the Captain of the Guard.”

“The prince’s eyes shone with amusement at her brashness but lingered a bit too long on her body.”

“When Celaena finally collapsed onto a bed after her meeting in the throne room, she couldn’t fall asleep, despite the exhaustion in every inch of her body.”

“Celaena brushed a stray wisp of hair from her face and allowed herself to be led into the clearing.”

“For the next two weeks, they traveled down through the continent, the nights becoming colder, the days shorter.”

“Trumpeters signaled their arrival as they passed through the looming alabaster walls of Rifthold.”

“Celaena walked down a marble hall, her dress flowing behind in a purple and white wave.”

“Celaena stood before the rosewood mirror, smiling.”

“She saw the floor first.”

“Celaena felt as if she’d barely closed her eyes when a hand jabbed her side.”

“Just as Celaena was about to launch herself and her knives at the captain, someone stomped a spear on the ground and called the room to attention.”

“It was lunchtime when Brullo released them for the day, and to say that Celaena was hungry would be a severe understatement.”

“For the next four days, Celaena awoke before dawn to train in her room, using whatever she could to exercise—chairs, the doorway, even her billiards table and cue sticks.”

“Though she’d never admit it, Celaena didn’t really know what to expect at their first Test.”

“Despite her attempt to keep her breathing steady, Celaena gasped for air as she ran beside Chaol in the game park.”

“With heavy eyelids, Dorian Havilliard tried not to slouch as he sat upon his throne.”

“Celaena smiled as she watched the Crown Prince of Adarlan lead the Princess of Eyllwe through the basic steps of fencing.”

“Sitting in a chair near the hearth of the great hall, Kaltain watched Duke Perrington converse with Queen Georgina atop her dais.”

“Celaena closed her book and sighed.”

“Celaena dangled from the stone wall of the castle, her legs trembling as she dug her tar-covered fingers and toes into the cracks between the giant blocks.”

“Wind tore at her, but Celaena kept her focus on Nox, falling so fast, so far from her outstretched hands.”

“Celaena gaped at the ground.”

“Celaena lay on the bed, staring at a pool of moonlight on the floor.”

“Celaena dreamt.”

“The doors to her bedroom banged open, and Celaena was on her feet in an instant, a candlestick in hand.”

“Late that afternoon, Celaena stared at the ebony clock tower.”

“Brows narrowed, Celaena aimed the cue at the white ball.”

“At their Test the next afternoon, Celaena stood in the training hall with her arms crossed, watching Cain spare with Grave.”

“You’re not focusing.”

“Someone was standing at the foot of her bed.”

“After cutting short their lesson in favor of a stroll, Celaena and Nehemia walked through the spacious halls of the castle, guards trailing behind them.”

“Kaltain pinched her cheeks as she emerged from the dressing room.”

“Celaena sat by a window in her bedroom, watching the snow dance in the night air.”

“The next evening, Chaol Westfall stood on the second floor of the castle, looking over the courtyard.”

“Days passed without seeing Nehemia, and Celaena kept her mouth shut about the incident to Chaol or Dorian or anyone who visited her chambers.”

“Seated in a pew in the rear of the spacious temple, Celaena kept her mouth closed so tightly that it hurt.”

“Yards of silk, clouds of powder, brushes, combs, pearls, and diamonds glistened before Celaena’s eyes.”

“He was lost—lost in a world of which he’d always dreamed.”

“Celaena groaned as something cold and wet brushed her cheek and moved to lick her face.”

“The clock chimed ten, and Celaena, seated at the small desk in her bedroom, looked up from her book.”


“Celaena opened her eyes.”

“The king.”

“Celaena panted as she and Nox lowered their swords, the Weapons Master shouting at the five Champions to get some water.”

“The forest was still and frozen around Dorian, and snow collapsed from the trees in large clumps as he passed by.”

“Kaltain pullded her red cape around her, savoring its warmth.”

“As she expected, Grave launched himself at her, going straight for the center of the staff in his hope to break it.”

“Dorian watched in wide-eyed terror as Celaena thrashed on the ground, waving away things they couldn’t see.”

“Celaena’s right leg could barely support her, but she gritted her teeth and rose.”

“The next morning, Dorian kept his chin high as his father stared at him.”

“Celaena awoke the next day, unsure what time it was.”

“Celaena leaned back in her seat and propped her feet on the table, balancing the chair precariously on its hind legs.”

“Several hours later, Chaol stared at the door to her dining room.”

“The following day, Celaena approached the glass throne, casting a wary glance about the council chamber.”

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