Friday, January 3, 2014

Review - Death Times Two

Death Times Two by C.J. Ellison and Boone Brux

- Provided by the author for review.
- A Tiny Reverse Vampire Review

5 out of 5 tiara wearing bats
I am an avid fan of C.J. Ellisson and the VV Inn series so I was thrilled to get this new novella.  
Asa is back and finally its his turn for a little love. It is a different side of the ex-military vamp and it lets his character be seen a lot more.
I had never read Boone Brux before but after being introduced to Lisa I'm looking for more to read. Lisa is great. The spunky attitude mixed with the neat little abilities she gets to show are fun. And yeah she may have some baggage (widow with kids) but that doesn't mean she is not a hot mom looking for some fun.
Put Lisa and Asa together at the VV Inn with a gaggle of ghost how may or may not want to be reaped and it is a story that will have you both laughing and intrigued. 
Good reading to you and beware ghosts who try alternative positions. ; )

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