Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Story Time Sign Up

I would love to get this new feature off the ground, I’ve had a Story Time on here before but I want to make Story Time even larger and get more people involved. So this is a sign up to gauge everyone’s interest and see who would want to take part.

The Story would run daily in February and how long it is will be determined by how many blogs sign up.

First Day: I'll post the beginning of the story on Bibliognome. Then I'll link to whatever blog is next in the story.

* Also if anybody is interested in making a banner or button for Story Time let me know (I'm not very good with graphics.)

Okay so if you're interested please let me know in the comments what day you want to sign up for, your blog name/a link for your site. Then I'll keep updating this post as people pick dates.

Feb. 1 - Bibliognome
Feb. 2 -
Feb. 3 -
Feb. 4 -
Feb. 5 -
Feb. 6 -
Feb. 7 -
Feb. 8 -
Feb. 9 -
Feb. 10 -
Feb. 11 -
Feb. 12 -
Feb. 13 -
Feb. 14 -
Feb. 15 -
Feb. 16 -
Feb. 17 -
Feb. 18 -
Feb. 19 -
Feb. 20 -
Feb. 21 -
Feb. 22 -
Feb. 23 -
Feb. 24 -
Feb. 25 -
Feb. 26 -
Feb. 27 -
Feb. 28 -


  1. I'll sign up for whatever day. You may want to plan a shorter event though and have bloggers pre-submit their stories to you. That way if someone misses a day or posts late, then you can fill in the blanks yourself.

    1. Awesome thanks.

      Yeah I might need to rethink how to set up the event/reword it.

      Thanks :)

  2. I like Lizzy's suggestion about pre-submitting! Definitely makes sense. I'm definitely interested, but I must admit I'm SCARED!! *biting nails* I'd really love to see your story opener.

    1. Yes I'm rethinking how I want to do this, I'll redo this post soon and figure everything out. Thanks so much for your interest.


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