Sunday, June 10, 2012

Top 5 Sundays - Fave Books from 1st Half of 2012!

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Top 5 Sundays - Fave Books from 1st Half of 2012!

These books all received 5 out of 5 gnomes

A refreshing look at the world of vampires where *gasps and gazes is
wonder* vampires are actually creatures to be feared and not get cozy

I love this book because it just puts you through the ringer while reading it.  I swear your feelings will be all over the place as you read.  Full of darkness, heart, love, betrayal, and lots of crazy twists.

So much awesomeness in this book.  The secrets revealed in this book are crazy and lead all the characters in quite interesting directions.  In the very first chapter you learn that a very important truth is really a lie.  That turns out to be only the first truth that's not exactly 

This book was a fast paced and entertaining read.  It takes the fantasy that most kids have of staying in a store overnight and doing whatever you want and adds a lot of cataclysmic events to the mix.

First I must admit that I love pretty much anything having to do with mermaids.  This can probably be blamed on my obsession with the Disney movie,  The Little Mermaid.  I even named a pair of fishing lures that my dad got me Ariel and Ursula. The mythology in this book is fun because it really mixes stuff up.  You have the Syrena who are basically what we would think of as mermen/mermaids.


  1. Ibhave not ad any of those, and i have been in such a reading slump that I aactually forgot about A Million suns and I LOVED book 1 LOL

    great list!

    1. Thanks,
      I would definitely recommend all of these books if you're looking for something different/new to read (and in the case of A MILLION SUNS, a truly great sequel.)

      Here's hope you find your way out of your reading slump. :)


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