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Imperium Review

Imperium by Nicholas Olivo

* Received from the author for review

5 out of 5 Tiara Wearing Bats

I love this story. I have to admit that at first when I just read the synopsis I thought that it looked okay and might be good.  It took awhile for it to get to the top of my to read pile.  It got there though and WOW by page twenty I was kicking myself for not having read it sooner.

Almost all of the chapters start with a coded transmission or recovered email.  Through these messages right from the beginning the reader gets to see neat little peaks or hints to what the baddies are up to.

Corinthos, the main character, is really fun.  Despite being a demigod (with Fae worshippers and all) he never really gets the feeling of being overpowered.  He stays likeable and his humanity shows through in both weaknesses and strengths.

Although I do like Corinthos I would have to say that Gearstripper and Megan are my favorite characters.

Gearstripper may be only a little over a foot tall but if you need something fixed he is the gremlin to call.  Just make sure that you have the sweets to pay him.  My first thought when meeting him was I want to take him home.  We could play the PlayWiiBox 8 (Playstation 3 + Xbox 360+Wii) all weekend.  His past, although sad, really lends to who he is.  One thing I have to say about gremlins is,  whether friend or foe, if the gremlin in the room starts to speak German make sure you RUN because things are about to get very “breaky.”

Megan is an awesome agent who I want to see more.  I really want to know her background and what her future will be.  Got to love a girl who can negotiate with everybody from aliens to vamps and barely blink an eye. Also I so want one of those extra dimensional shoe box lockers that she has.  There is more to Megan then meets the eye,( whether or not you believe the myths) and I want to see it.

A simple mission to find a missing agent at the start turns into a hell of a ride as zombies, werewolves, golems, nazis, Orcus, vampires, and even two out of the four horsemen show up to join the fun.  If you are looking for a great paranormal adventure with almost every creature you can think of, Imperium is it.  Where else are you going to find a demigod with a Paladin boss, a girlfriend that could bench press him and a partner with friends from out of this world?

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