Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sentence Sneak Peek - A Farewell to Charms

The first sentence from each chapter of A Farewell to Charms, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* Spoilers are highlighted like so :)  
* Book provided by the publisher for review

"A bead of cold sweat dangled on my fingertip before dripping onto the doorbell."

"I ran my fingers over the mauve toilet seat cover."

"For the first time in my life, I was glad to have a ten o'clock weekend curfew."

"Kylee ran away from me when I tried to talk to her during last period, and of course she didn't answer any of my zillion calls or texts."

"Meredith emerged from the shadows."

"Meredith glanced down at her manual."

"The view in front of me was so acutely beautiful, it felt like I was in a perfectly staged movie scene."

"Sora was worth every penny Vanna was paying her, because not only did we cover security systems, but also how to pick locks (seriously, I was getting good at this one), how to turn a cell phone into a mobile bug, how to dodge alarm lasers, and how to watch facial cues for signs of deceit."

"The room erupted into chaos."

"I did a little research while Daisy whisked me over to Façade."

"The room dimmed to a subdued purple."

"As I limped through Façade's corridors, I devised DBIF: TBP, short for Desi Bascomb Infiltrates Façade: The Battle Plan."

"I was back to sweaty hands (and fingers) as I scrolled through the new manual apps, Someone could show up at any minute."

"My bubble bounced into the skating rink party room, and I burst through the entryway."

"Reed and I sent each other fifteen brainstorm texts that night, trying to figure out a place we could hang out without my parents/Façade/Kylee/Celeste and her big mouth getting suspicious."

"I started my Floressa research the next day."

"I'd gone to the Winter Ball every December since I was a baby."

"I took the rest of the week off work for Thanksgiving."

"Reed and I didn't have many more chances to discuss his imminent move, or Vorvella trees, or Operation Caprice, or anything to do with Façade."

"Welcome, Desi."

"Floressa twirled in the mirror."

"Now that Floressa thought I was on board with her plan to ruin the wedding, we got along much better."

"We took a limo to the ranch."

"The rabbi and Isla were brought in quickly."

"Six months ago, I would have argued."

"Kylee was already grilling Reed when I got back to the grove, my bubble appearing just behind a tree."


  1. Where can I read this online? I can't buy the book, but I am SO in love with theese books. :)

    1. You can try your library, that's where I've been reading from a lot recently. (most libraries have ebooks now or you can interlibrary loan a copy of the book if your library doesn't have one.)


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