Friday, June 1, 2012

Sentence Sneak Peek - Imperium

Imperium by Nicholas Olivo

The first sentence from each chapter of Imperium, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* Spoilers are highlighted like so :)
* Book provided by the author for review

"Sunrises were beautiful here on the Bright Side, the realm of fae."

"I shrugged off the familiar feeling of vertigo as the portal closed behind me, and gave a sigh of relief as my powers dropped down to a more manageable level."

"The zombie reeked of sewage and it struck out at me with a hand that was missing a couple of fingers."

"I took the tapes in hopes that we might be able to electronically enhance them and get a better look at the men's faces."

"There was blood everywhere in the bathroom."

"Oh, Leonardo," one of the voices behind the leader said."

"I was trapped in a demonic forge."

"It stayed in the edges of my vision, and when I casually swept the area, whatever it was disappeared."

"When we finally got into the office building's foyer, I leaned against the wall and took a few slow breathes before heading inside."

"I had my cellphone out and was calling Thad before Megan had started the Tercel."

"I rushed up to the conference room with Doc Ryan and Megan in tow."

"Vincent, can you hear me?"

"I stood in the center of the Urisk city basking in the glory of my followers."

"There was no way the truck's driver could stop in time."

"I was surprised that there wasn't more smoke."

"This time, I was in a hospital."

"In the dim light of the alley, it was difficult to make out Pestilence's features, and that was a good thing."

"Orcus smirked at me."

"We turned to see Death striding down the alley toward us."

"We waited until just after 10 p.m. before we went back to the clinic."

"I had a telekinetic wall up between the creatures and us when I realized they weren't reacting to our presence."

"Time seemed to stop around me."

"When it was obvious Commander Courageous wasn't going to say any more, I slammed the toy down on my desk and stalked back to the vending machines."

"I woke up in a dim room."

"Two days later, we were wrapping up the case."

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