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Character Interview: Megan from IMPERIUM

Tiny Reverse Vampire Interviews Megan from Imperium by Nicholas Olivo

Tiny Reverse Vampire: What prompted your transfer to Boston?

Megan: Golly, there were a bunch of things. The main reason was I wanted to learn something new. I'd been dealing with aliens for seven years and I wanted to see what else was out there. While there certainly is a supernatural community out west, it's much, much bigger in Boston.  Someday I want to lead the Caulborn organization and in order to do that, I need to understand all parts of the supernatural community.  Boston afforded me a great opportunity to learn more.

Tiny Reverse Vampire: What was your first impression when you found out that your new partner isn’t quite all the way human?

Megan: I was more curious about him than anyone else I'd ever met. Vincent's half-god for crying out loud, so why on earth would he be working as a field agent for a paranormal agency? He has people who literally worship him, yet here he is working in a mid-range salary position. I had to know what made him tick.

Tiny Reverse Vampire: Aliens or vampires, who is easier to work with?

Megan: For me, aliens. Vampires are just wrong; they're mockeries of human life. I can deal with ancient beings who've mastered nanophysics and whose anatomy is so different from mine that their brains are where their intestines should be, but hundred-year-old walking, talking corpses? Yuck. And then when you add in that Vincent and Mrs. Rita say I might become one some day because of this stupid Strigoi Viu affliction... well, it's not something I like to dwell on.

Tiny Reverse Vampire: So how does someone get one of those extra dimensional lockers?
What do you like to keep in yours?

Megan: Let's just say I picked it up "out-of-town." It's only about the size of a shoebox, so I'm limited in what I can carry. Lockpicks, extra guns with various types of ammo, my camera, a container of WD-40, oh, and Kleenex. You can never find a Kleenex when you really need one.

Tiny Reverse Vampire: Since becoming an agent which myth being reality has surprised you the most?

Megan: It's not so much the myths being reality that have surprised me, but rather what parts of the myths are true and which ones are just Hollywood embellishments. For example, everyone knows that vampires have an aversion to garlic. But the truth is that the garlic makes a human's blood really spicy. So it's like when we eat chips & really hot salsa. It's unappealing to many people, but not all. Same thing with vampires and garlic. It's a modicum of protection, but not a guarantee.

Tiny Reverse Vampire: In your experience is being a field agent or a diplomat more dangerous?

Megan: They share a common thread of danger. In either job you're dealing with someone trying to take over the world or something similar. The difference with being a field agent is you can shoot the other partyif you need to. That's typically frowned on in diplomatic situations.

Tiny Reverse Vampire: What is your go to gadget?

Megan: Right now I'm partial to my transdimensional pocket cannon. It was a gift from an alien friend and the handful of things it can't disintegrate aren't from this planet.

Tiny Reverse Vampire: If there was one creature that you could avoid ever meeting/fighting which would that be?

Megan: The Tarrasque. Going by what I've read and what Galahad XI told me, only a true saint can take on that thing.  Even my pocket cannon might not hurt it, and that's just plain unsettling.

Tiny Reverse Vampire: How did you originally get recruited?

Megan: The Caulborn have diviners who search for children born with cauls. I was contacted by one of these diviners and the head of the area's division when I was seventeen and looking at colleges. They posed as recruiters from an exclusive, private school. Long story short, when I visited the campus, I discovered there was a lot more to the world than what I thought. I met my first alien there and had to learn more. I joined the Caulborn agency that weekend. I went through four years of training, very similar to college, but with a focus on aliens and diplomacy. Once my training was done, I was a full blown field agent and diplomat.

Tiny Reverse Vampire: Anything else you would like to tell us about?

Megan: Gee, let's see... I was thinking about pursuing a career in acting before Ilearned about the Caulborn. My high school friends still lament the fact that I didn't become an actress, but I find I do a lot of "acting" while I'm on the clock just the same. ;)

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