Friday, September 2, 2011

Tales from Frewyn

Tales from Frewyn: Short Stories from the Haanta Series Vol. 1
Author Michelle Franklin.  Art by Twisk
This book would definitely get 3 tiara wearing bats fighting over an extra tiara ( or if you are not used to my rating system that is 3 and a half stars).

This book is packed full of great little stories that are sure to make you giggle and let you see more into the world of Frewyn.  My only real complaint about this book is that between the first full story and the book of short stories you pick up quite a few characters.  And don’t get me wrong I love the new additions (especially Obhantaa and his cat, he is my favorite) but I have to ask where did they come from. We go from not knowing them to they are there and living in the castle. My request would be to fill in the blanks a little so they don’t just appear.

Now here's my take on some of the short stories: 

The Five-Second Rule

A rule we are all familiar with I'm sure. Even members of the stricter cultures will claim it if the prize is good enough.


A time to come together and share a meal as a family. No matter how odd the family. Hope there is enough for everyone.


To start with I want these gloves. They just sound so cute.  Also a wonderful gift for those who wish to stay warm in there endeavors.


Not even a giant can deny the pull of music.

Raisin Cake

Sometimes when I am shopping for Bibliognome I buy things to tide here over so the good treats last just like this. That and the sweetest sweets are best when shared

The Gable Hood

You go Obhantaa with confidence you can pull off any look. :)


A stroll through a castle on a giants should wearing the kings crown. Sounds like fun.

Making Cookies

be carefully the cookie likenesses may contain your soul, we should protect them.


When strategy games have had there fill try chance games.


Sharing's a dangerous thing.  Once you start no one wants you to stop.

Plus so many more stories that are fun to enjoy and make everyone smile.

Here are various drawings that appear in the story:


  1. Thanks for the review! :D I'm glad you enjoyed the stories :D
    All of these stories come from the website where you can learn all about the characters mentioned in the books :D

  2. Okay, I'll have to check that out. Thanks.


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