Monday, September 26, 2011

Sentence Sneak Peek - Glow

Glow by Amy Kathleen Ryan

The first sentence from each chapter of Glow, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* Received ARC from TOR via a post on Twitter where the first 100 people to respond won a copy.
* Spoilers are highlighted like so :)

"The other ship hung in the sky like a pendant, silver in the ether light cast by the nebula."

"Everything we have, they have," Waverly repeated under her breath as she marched down the corridor toward the living quarters she shared with her mother."

"Kieran followed the Captain at a frantic clip toward the starboard shuttle bay."

"We just want to move you girls to a safe place," the man with the scar told Waverly as he and six others ushered all the girls down the corridor toward the port side."

"One moment Kieran had been staring at Waverly's slender back, im-ploring silently, Don't go."

"The shuttle lurched as it left the Empyrean, then settled into a smooth flight."

"Wake up."

"When Waverly opened her eyes, she saw the nurse, Magda, standing over her with a syringe."

"Anne Mather's prayer rang in Waverly's ears as she tried to sleep that first night in the dormitory."

"Anne Mather led Waverly to what would be the Captain's office on the Empyrean, but here the room had a feminine quality."

"Waverly met up with the rest of the girls in the tropical produce bay."

"Waverly's hosts for family time were Amanda and Josiah Marvin, and they were more nervous than she was."

"The next morning, the matron turned on the lights and clapped her hands."

"At first, Kieran didn't care about the alarm sounding through the ship, warning of a reactor leak."

"For hours, Kieran, Seth, and several of the older boys watched the crew in the engine room as they worked at an increasingly feverish pace."

"Kieran hadn't slept in over forty hours."

"Kieran woke after a few hours, not quite refreshed but better able to function now that he'd rested."

"For a time, all Kieran could do was hold on to his seat."

"Kieran woke with the side of his face crammed against a metal floor."

"Waverly smiled, half-hidden behind the fruit bowl, leaning her chin on her hands."

"The rattle of glass woke Waverly."

"When Waverly awoke, the swelling in her abdomen had been re-placed by a terrible ache."

"The next morning, Amanda came for a visit."

"Early the next morning, Amanda brought a black smock and a lace handkerchief into Waverly's room."

"It happened strangely."

"On the day of services, Waverly rose, bleary and anxious."

—," Samantha started to say, but the guard tightened his arm around her neck, and she gagged."

"How many hours
—days—had Kieran been lying on this cot in the brig, staring at the ceiling?"

"Kieran slept."

"For the first few days, Kieran could only sip broth and eat bread."

"One evening, after a long day of running the combine in the corn-field, Kieran sat in the Captain's chair in Central Command, watch-ing the com terminal."

"The ship was dark."

"Kieran was running the combine, binding hay into bales."

"He pulled off her clothes and left her sitting naked on the edge of his bed while he ran a bath."

"They slept together until a knock sounded on the bedroom door."

"Kieran got to his knees, thankful that his sermon had gone so well."

"Waverly lay on the floor of her mother's untidy bedroom, unchanged from the way her mother had left it months before as if frozen in time."

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