Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lovely Lola

Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins

* ARC I read via Around The World ARC Tours
* Book will be released September 29, 2011

5 out of 5 gnomes

Wowser this book was such a great read.

Lola’s character really grows on you as the story progresses.  She makes a lot of mistakes but she's also someone that you'll find yourself rooting for.  I was wondering at times whether she would get through everything okay.  I know I was envisioning all kinds of crazy scenarios, so I’m very glad that it ended the way it did.

Lola’s relationship with Max is crazy, he's twenty-two years old and going out with a teenager.  This situation feels like one of those times where you’ll find yourself wishing that you could talk some sense into a character while reading.  Their relationship just made me cringe at times and hope that not too many mistakes would be made.  With all that said though the relationship was believable even though Max seems like a real jackass.

Cricket, the boy next door mentioned in the title of the book, may have a strange name but wow he’s quite the guy.  Well if I may use old timey speak, Cricket seems like one heck of a tall drink of water.  He has beauty, brains, and is always making new inventions.

I love Lola’s dads Nathan and Andy.  Her whole family situation is more then a little crazy and her two dads seems to be the main anchor in her life.  Seeing her mom will make you hope that Lola is not like her.  The family dynamic is a breath of fresh air because both of her parents are attentive and actually are a very active part of Lola’s life.

I like how the relationships in the book are represented.  There is nothing easy about the choices that everyone makes.  Trust has to be built and there's no instamatic connection where love triumphs all right away, it has to be earned.  Cricket and Lola are unique characters and a lot of fun to read about.  Once again I really enjoy Stephanie Perkins writing because even the side characters in her stories are interesting and important.

It’s so much fun seeing more of Etienne and Anna.  They are still a pretty swoon worthy couple and I like how they were integrated in the story.  I love how characters from Anna and the French Kiss blend so seamlessly into the story and I think there was a clue to who the next book will be about.  This companion novel was extremely well written because now this world has even more characters to care about.  Sometimes companion stories can spend all their time on the old characters and forget the new but in this story they are vital in their own right to the current story being told.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes reading about fun, quirky characters, and all the craziness of their lives.  Overall this story is full of surprises and will leave you waiting impatiently for the next book.

My Favorite Quote/Line
"Just because something isn't practical doesn't mean it's not worth creating.  Sometimes beauty and real-life magic are enough."


  1. Great review and I too also loved Lola and Cricket

  2. @Julie, Thanks :) Yeah, Lola and Cricket are a great pair.


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