Friday, September 23, 2011

Lovely Liesl

* ARC read via Around The World ARC Tours  
* Book will be released October 4, 2011

5 out of 5 gnomes

Loved this book so much.  It reads like a classic fairy tale and I know it’s something that I plan to read over and over.  The story is full of strong characters, mystery and magic.  This is my kind of ghost story, it has more hope then sadness or scary times.  It deals with death and the afterlife in a rather unique way that is once again more hopeful then sad.

First of all, the illustrations are fantastic and really bring the story to life.  I wish my drawings using crayon could look half as good as these do.  Having kind of child-like drawings add more of an air of whimsy to this well-written book.

The characters in this story are intricately intertwined and every single character is important.  All the pieces fall together and it feels like the story couldn't have gone any differently.  The multiple perspectives and intriguing locale really help the reader immerse themselves even further into the story.

The story starts with Liesl who  is locked in the attic, she’s been locked in there for a long time now.  She's not doing well at all because her father has recently died.  The atmosphere perfectly fits her mood.  The world is dark and grey because the sun has not been seen in over a thousand days.  Then one night Po and Bundle are drawn to her.  These two appear and she quickly accepts them even though they are ghosts that she can barely see.

Events are quickly set into motion when a fateful mistake leaves Liesl unknowingly with the greatest magic in the world.  This magic has an effect on everyone but remains elusive to those who search for it.  

Liesl's quest quickly brings her into contact with a whole host of characters as she tries to bring peace to her father.  Every single event is important and every character has a part to play.

This is a magical story filled with darkness and ghosts but also full of life.  The tone reminds me a bit of Coraline.  Lauren Oliver writes so eloquently that you'll find yourself caring about the fate of all the myriad characters.  These characters just burst of the page and you'll find the pages just flying by.  I highly recommend this story and can't wait to read more of Oliver's books.

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  1. Oh, you lucky, lucky duck. I'm looking forward to this book so much!

  2. @Llehn, Thanks, yes, this book is so good. I know I can't wait to have a finished copy of it. The cover is even prettier in person too. :)


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