Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

First Thought:  Why isn't it Friday yet????

Second Thought:  I love my job but this remodeled space we're in is driving me crazy.  Here's some evidence of all the "lovely" design decisions.
These crazy lights hanging down practically blind me throughout the day.
So many patterns in one place kind of burns the eyes but at least students seem to like the chairs.  :)
Here's a great view of the crazy carpet.  It kind of makes me dizzy when I look at it.
Third Thought: I've been reading a lot of books lately but am a tad behind on reviews so some quick impressions - 

Haunted by Kaleidoscope-chan - This story is supremely weird but also supremely fun.  

The Future of Us by  Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler - It's a fantastic look at how technology has had an effect on every part of our lives.

Blood Drive by Traci Houston - This book was a surprise.  I liked it a lot more then I thought I would.  The story is a little loose structure wise at times but the characters are great.


  1. Oh dear. Who on earth thought that patterned chairs AND carpet made sense? Wild carpet is actually good = hides-coffee-stains.

  2. @Barb, Yeah, my thoughts exactly. All these patterns are crazy and you're right wild carpet will hide stains but I think everybody in the library thinks that maybe one pattern would have been better then two. :)

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