Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Review - Camp Alien

Camp Alien by Gini Koch

* Received from the publisher for review

5 out of 5 gnomes

This series continues along awesomely. I love that it picked up from that cliffhanger and now is all about all the new craziness and worry of Presidential concerns. Seeing all these new political positions and how everything works out is intense and I can only imagine what future books will bring.

It's extra fun because of all the political madness going on in the real world right now. Let's just say President Martini sounds a whole lot better than certain candidates that are now running...

Koch is queen of the cliffhanger chapter endings so you'll be saying oh just one more chapter a bunch while reading. I won't even tell you how many times I was close to late to work because I didn't want to put the book down. These books just latch on to you and don't let go.

The big bads of this book were plentiful and innovative in their evil ways. It was interesting seeing what was going to happen next. You never know what to expect with this series. Events from the past do indeed return to haunt them all.

Getting to see Kitty's temper for a large part of the book was entertaining. I liked getting to see once again that she's not a person to mess with. She’s also pretty darn hilarious when she’s furious.

Characters old and new are all well done and they continue to grow. Even if you're just meeting a character I adore how this writer makes you feel like you want to know everything about all of the characters ASAP. Plus you'll find yourself loving them just as much as the main character does.

Humor + Serious Situations + Aliens aplenty + Blasts from the Past = a tremendous read with more than enough momentum to keep dashing forward into the foreseeable future.

I highly recommend this series to everybody and need everyone to read it so they can root for these characters too.

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