Thursday, May 12, 2016

My Favorite Quotes/Lines - Camp Alien

* Spoilers are highlighted like so :)

“THERE’S AN OLD ADAGE—be careful what you wish for.”
“The formality of this new stage of my life is literally going to kill me.”
“So many times, the best man for the job is a woman. Sometimes that woman has been overlooked because she was being a good wife.”
“Oh, don’t worry, my chipper strip of seaweed . . . Your Mister Beaumont has you covered.”
“I mean I think I’m making a FLOTUS decree that all aliens working on my side need to watch some damn television.”
“Needed to control my Out Loud Voice. Possibly.”
“I’m going to resent that. I can’t deny it, but I can and do resent it.”
“Super-duper, glad we’re keeping to our theme of escape via the toilet.”
“Fooling all of the people all of the time was much harder.”
“My experience said that keeping your enemies monologuing was the only sure technique for short- and long-term survival.”
“Apparently I had a lot in common with Batman right now.”
“Shoved aside the thought that only lunatics headed toward the sounds of explosions, since I ran toward stuff like this all the time.”
“Who’s going to try out their insubordination skills next? Or, to put it another way, whose ass am I going to next be kicking?”
“Try not to die. It’ll piss your mother off to no end and, since I’m driving, I’ll get the blame.”
“That’s what being human is—being able to overcome your programming when you have to, when it’s right to.”
“WELL, that success was short-lived.”
“I am seriously pissed with every, single person in charge of whatever the hell you all think you’re in charge of!”
“I actually will declare myself, this helicarrier, and all those on it as our own sovereign nation, and we will go invisible, disappear, and become America’s worst nightmare.”
“Excellent! Nice to know that there were three whole people who actually could look back at past events and take a wild one that we weren’t going to roll over and play scared.”
“I’m out of communication for a little while and things just go to hell in a handbasket, don’t they?”
“We’re not really a line of women who bow and curtsy and weep and hide. We’re a line of women who get mad and get even.”
“How Santa Claus in the Summer of him.”
“Why weren’t you the voice of my brand of insanity? It’s part of your job description.”
“I was back to wondering if these guys, the three men I thought knew me and understood me best, actually knew me at all.”
“I thought you guys knew me. And the others. None of us have ever rolled over and begged.”
“The beauty of being best friends since ninth grade is that we can get mad at each other and still love each other and get over it.”
“No one can stay mad at the hottest guy in the world forever, James, no worries.”
“Oh, sorry, was that my Out Loud Voice?”
“Raymond says that lockdown means all our mommies and daddies are busy saving the world again and we need to stay put and stay safe in order to help them.”
“I’ll be the good FLOTUS and not the pissed-off warrior tonight, promise.”
“Abner, if I don’t return, please ensure that my funeral is fantastic and that I get a decently sized memorial stone.”
“The phrase is ‘Kitty’s mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.’”
Superbeing formation. Seems like old times. Literally.”
“James suggested we beat these things to death with the camera tripods,” Chuckie said. “I’m worried about him.”
“Jeff managed a chuckle. “It’s all right, he’s just having a nostalgic moment.”
“And I’m not mad at any of you anymore so I don’t want you to die.”
“Figure it out or I’ll go all FLOTUS on your asses.”
“That I care, and I care about people who maybe I shouldn’t.”
“Mommy,” Jamie said, “this ship is so pretty!”
“This kind of event can tear the world apart. But, if it’s handled properly, it can be the event that brings the world together.”
“It was amazing how many congresspeople had kids who wanted to meet King Benny.”
“Being married to the President had its advantages after all.”

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