Saturday, November 3, 2012

Weekend Read

* Book provided for review by Candlemark & Gleam via NetGalley

Check out the description for the book from its Kickstarter:

"20681.5 million kilometers above the surface of the Earth
Drusilla Xao has only seen a tree in movies and vid-games. She has never breathed air that wasn’t recycled, re-filtered, and re-used a hundred times over again. She has never set foot on the Earth.
And now she never will.
When a terrorist attack by a radical separatist group on Luna destroys the space elevator that had called so many – including her parents – to live permanently in space, Dru is cut off from any hope of ever reaching Earth and her beloved girlfriend, Sarah. The Chinese-American Alliance declares immediate war on the rebels and conscripts everyone they can get their hands on…including Dru. 
Cast adrift, forced to become a soldier, trapped in a nightmare of vacuum and loneliness, Dru’s training will help her survive, but only Sarah will be able to bring her home."

This looks like it'll be a fun science fiction read.  I love books that take place in space and this looks like it has an intriguing world/characters.

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