Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Poppy Prepares for War

Poppy Revealed by Riana Lucas

* Book provided by the author for review

3 and a half tiara wearing bats out of 5

Once again this book has a wonderful story and plot.  It grabs you right at the beginning as the action is brought straight to the characters at what seemed like it would be a nice calm event.

The addition of Reed’s parents to the main cast of active characters is well done and I would love to see more of their time together.  His dad especially has me intrigued.  My main thought about him is that I want to see more.. LOTS more.  Reed’s mom is great.  I love the scene where they are catching her up and she ends up cradling Poppy as Reed retells the main points of the last two books.

The growth of the series has been a roller coaster ride.  The first two books had so much action and detail packed into them that you never knew what was coming next.  This one though did not quite keep up to the pace that the others moved at.  It seemed as though most of this book was setting up for a next one.  My main disappointment with this book is that there was not a very solid ending.  It seemed to just stop, which is not bad as long as there is a next one (hint hint authors, hint hint).

I look forward to reading the upcoming war.  As more characters develop and the Seelie courts and especially Holly’s fate hang in the balance, this is a book that will leave you wanting more.

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