Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sentence Sneak Peek - Rift

Rift by Andrea Cremer

The first sentence from each chapter of Rift, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* Spoilers are highlighted 
like so :)

EMBER BROUGHT HER sword down without warning and her aim was true.”

EMBER WATCHED AS servants carried another chest laden with gowns from the room she’d shared with her sister all of her life.”

THE WARRIOR SISTERS were fighting again, but their fury remained a secret between them.”

TIME HAD SLIPPED through Ember’s fingers, forcing her through the halls at a breathless pace.”

EMBER AND THE OTHER pledges huddled in a tight clus-ter like chicks who’d lost their mother hen.”

EMBER HALF RAN, half climbed up the stone steps.”

CIAN SET ON THE EDGE of the bed while Eira finished binding her hair up and then fastened her heavy riding cloak.”

MORNING LIGHT WOKE Ember just before a knock came on her door.”

AS THEY CROSSED the courtyard, passing the manor and moving in the direction of the barracks, Ember struggled with Barrow’s taciturn manner.”

EMBER HAD TO CHIDE CABER several times as she led the stallion from the stable.”

DUSK CHASED THE TWO riders as they rode through the gates of Tearmunn.”

EMBER WAS SURPRISED she could move at all.”

THE MORNING WASN’T as torturous as she’d expected.”

EMBER JUMPED DOWN from the log and, squaring off with Barrow, folded her arms across her chest.”

EIRA AND CIAN WERE sparring when the messenger arrived, red-faced and breathless.”

THOUGH AT FIRST she’d welcomed Barrow’s silence, as they rode into the keep, his stony expression unnerved Ember to the point that her blood felt like ice.”

TWO THINGS HAD ROBBED Ember of sleep.”

THE COMMANDER’S prediction proved accurate.”

THE COLD BROUGHT Ember back into the world.”

BY THE TIME EMBER stirred again, the landscape that welcomed her from sleep was familiar.”

ON THE OTHER SIDE of the closed doors Abbott Crichton swirled his chalice of wine, lifted it to his lips, and drained it in a long, single gulp.”

EIRA PACED THE FLOOR while the other Circle members milled around the long, narrow table.”

EIRA URGED HER MARE, Geal, into the thick mist high atop the hillside, searching for the cairn.”

“WOULD YOU LIKE to admire the manor for much longer?”

THE WATERS WERE so dark that Ember didn’t know if she was swimming to the surface or if she was struggling ever downward, sealing her own doom.”

EIRA WAS VAGUELY aware that Cian kept stealing glances at her.”

EMBER WOKE, SKIN flushed, but not because her fever had returned.”

EIRA BID THOMAS good night, closing the door as she left her room.”

EMBER’S HEART JUMPED at the knock on her cell door, as it had gained a habit of doing, but her pulse slowed again as it was also wont to do when she opened the door and didn’t find Barrow.”


BODIES KNOCKED INTO Ember as she made her way toward the manor’s great hall.”

THOUGH HER FEET were moving, Ember wasn’t conscious of walking.”

EMBER STARED AT THE ceiling, unable to sleep though she lay on her pallet in a clean, dry nightshirt.”

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