Monday, November 12, 2012

Sentence Sneak Peek - Poppy Revealed

Poppy Revealed by Riana Lucas

The first sentence from each chapter of Poppy Revealed, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

*Spoilers are highlighted like so :)

“Release me at once!”

“My mother’s solution to my attire problem is completely shocking.”

“I feel the tip of his sword just touching the skin at my throat and then I feel a warm trickle of blood begin to ooze down the front of my neck.”

“Willow pulls back and begins to make a fuss, much like I did with Reed.”

“We all begin to make our way to our rooms, quietly and somberly.”

“My companions and friends follow closely behind as we make our way to the dining hall.”

“Time goes by as it should in the Fae world, it is all a blur.”

“My mother moves quickly to sit beside me then wraps me up in her arms.”

“I take a deep breath as I walk through the doors out into the main courtyard at the front Castle doors.”

“I turn back, waiting for Reed to finish making his way to me through the forest and let out a sigh.”

“Reed arrives at our meeting spot just moments after me.”

“I completely see now what I have been missing by not interacting with humans.”

“At an attempt to distract myself from the emotional reunion before me, I busy myself looking around the garden and lawn of Reed’s home.”

“Reed begins to tell the story, starting at the very beginning when I first arrived at his job.”

“I have never eaten in the human world.”

“Dinner in the Shultz house was a complete disaster.”

“Anna quietly gathers blankets and pillows for me then leads me into the back part of the house where the other family room is.”

“I lay there in the couch bed as the light begins to brighten outside and the room begins to fill with morning sunlight.”

“That’s not true.”


“I should have known it would not be that easy.”

“Thankfully, the ‘chat’ with my mother was not complete torture.”

“Although I was prepared to protect my mother and do battle with the intruder causing a threat, I was not prepared for that threat to be Holly.

“I do not bother to check Holly’s room; I know that I will not find her there.”

“When I reach the massive wooden doors leading outside to all the wonders of Faery Land, I take a moment to think about Rho once again.”

“My body jerks up involuntarily from the tree and I turn to face Rowan fully.”

“Reed does not move.”

“I make my way through the massive door way that leads into the Seelie Castle, with Reed and Rowan following closely behind.”

“Having all agreed with Reed’s idea, my mother sends a guard for the other three as we begin to talk strategy.”

“I meet the others at the usual spot just outside the main doors to the Castle entrance.”

“The beginning of the mission started out pretty much as any of the others.”

“Reed and I both stop in our tracks at the sight of Holly before us.”

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