Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sentence Sneak Peek - Crossed

Crossed by Ally Condie

The first sentence from each chapter of Crossed, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* Spoilers are highlighted like so :)

I’m standing in a river.”

The dirt is part of me.”

It’s been a month and a half since we left that boy in the water.”

Xander, here, in front of me.”

Vick and I lift one of the bodies and carry it toward a grave.”

Once I’m sure the others sleep, their breathing heavy in the room, I roll over onto my side and slip the Archivist’s paper from my pocket.”

Everyone’s watching you,” Vick tells me.”

The Society’s first order of business, as we all sit in the well-chilled air and shiver, is to promise us coats.”

Evening falls hard while we wait for the moon.”

When we land I want to be the first off the air ship, to see if Ky is there.”

There should be patrols in the canyon.”

As we walk, I look for something to mark Ky’s passage through this place.”

The sides of the canyon are black and orange.”

I wait for the dawn, folded inside my coat.”

We don’t stop moving until we’ve put distance between us and whoever’s in the township.”

In my dream he stands in front of the sun, so he looks dark when I know that he is light.

We climb out of the Carving.”

You don’t look right,” Indie says.”

I wake to the sound of something big in the sky.”

My breathing sounds wrong.”

Say the words,” Eli tells me.”

We’re almost to the top; we can almost look out over the plain.”

Our poem,” she whispers.”

Watching Ky wake is better than a sunrise.”

My mother could dance and sing and she went out to watch the sunset every night.”

Ky leaves one flashlight on so that we can see each other while we talk.”

I never named anything I’ve written before
no reason to
it would all have the same title anyway
—for you—
but I would call this one
one night
that night
when we let the world be only you
and only me
we stood on it while it spun
green and blue and red
the music ended
but we
were still

“When the sun comes into the Carving, we are already on the move again.”

Do what you want,” the man calls out when I reach the edge of the graveyard.

On the wall across from the angels, there is a very different painting.”

When Hunter comes to meet us he has a canteen of water and a pile of ropes slung over his shoulder.”

The crevice is barely wide enough for Hunter to climb into.”

Hunter reaches for another tube and snaps that one in his hand too.”

Indie carries her pack even more carefully than before and I wonder if something happened to her wasp nest during our crawl into the Cavern.”

As I turn the pages of the farmers’ histories my own history flashes back to me.”

Ky puts a map down on the table and reaches for a little black charcoal pencil.”

As the rain comes down I let myself imagine a story for us.”

It’s hard to concentrate on the words before me when I wonder what is being said outside the cave in the night.”

I see Cassia first, and then Hunter behind her, and I know I’ve lost.”

Hunter pushes open the door behind us and walks in.”

Carrying the boat is like carrying a body; it’s heavy and bulky and awkward.”

The walk out is slow-going and miserable; we all slip and fall and get up again, over and over.”

Everyone else sleeps.”

I am the first to wake.”

The sun beating down on the boat makes it hot to touch.”

Ky,” I say.”

Eli blinks.”

The rain turns lighter, turns to snow.”

When I pull her to me she feels eager, warm and reaching, but then she flinches slightly and draws back.”

Do not go gentle,” I tell him, one last time, for now.”

I run.”

After coming across so many dead in the Carving, so many still, silent tubes in the cave, the scene of life in the camp before me makes my heart pound with joy.”

Please state your full name.”

It’s early spring now, and the ice at the edge of the lake in Central has begun to melt.”

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