Sunday, November 25, 2012

Top 5 Sundays - Books That Started Your Book Addiction!

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Top 5 Sundays - Books That Started Your Book Addiction!

The Baby-Sitters Club was one of the first series where I became addicted and needed the next book ASAP.  The first book signing that I ever went to was for Ann M. Martin, the author of this series.  

The Animorphs series is what I was addicted to in middle school and well until the very last book came out in I think 2001.  I even have all the VHS tapes from the TV show when it was on.  It just pretty much had a little bit of everything and is definitely an interesting series.

I was addicted to the Harry Potter books ever since my mom brought the first one home for me.  I even went to a couple of the midnight release parties (now those were a lot of fun).  This is one of the first times where I really got pulled into the whole world of the series.

The whole Simon Canderous series is the first urban fantasy series that I read.  I love all the characters and the mix of the real world with the paranormal.  The series is fun and also makes you care about all the characters.

This is the series that I discovered right before I began this blog.  Mind Games is such a different series then what I'd read before.  It's also the first book that I reviewed for Bibliognome.  It's  one of the first book that had a really interesting love triangle and the first cliffhanger (the end of the second book) which actually had me cursing and almost throwing the book.  I was addicted to this series until the very end and I also really enjoy the short stories that the author writes too.

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