Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sentence Sneak Peek - The Future of Us

The Future of Us by Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler 

The first sentence from each chapter of The Future of Us, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* ARC read via Around The World ARC Tours 
* Book will be released November 21, 2011
* Spoilers are highlighted like so :)

"I CAN'T BREAK UP with Graham today, even though I told my friends I'd do it the next time I saw him."

"I FOLLOW EMMA up her stairs and count on my fingers from November to May."

"ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT during dinner is Emma Nelson Jones."

"MY PARENTS GOT HOME LATE, so it's scrambled-eggs-with-hot-dog night in the Templeton home."
"HEY," JOSH SAYS, pushing open my door."
"AS I SQUEEZE OUT a line of toothpaste, I hear Emma's car door shut and the engine start."


"I IMAGINE Sydney Mills standing in front of me."


"I'M THE FIRST ONE to the oak tree, our usual lunch spot at the far end of the campus."

"CODY SET A SCHOOL RECORD in the hundred-yard dash today, leading the Lake Forest Cheetahs to victory."

"AS I'M DRIVING HOME, I blast the new Dave Matthews album."

"BEFORE ENTERING EMMA'S ROOM, I take a deep breath to calm down, but my fingers are clenched."

"SO IT ALL comes down to a yellow disposable camera left over from my mom's wedding."


"I ARRIVE AT SCHOOL early and head to the newspaper office."

"TYSON AND I HAVE GYM third period."

"KELLAN AND I are spending study hall in the library."

"AFTER TAKING ATTENDANCE, Mrs. Tuttle leads our class down the hall toward the auditorium, where we'll join another Peer Issues class on the stage."

"AFTER THE LAST BELL RINGS, I store my saxophone in my band locker and rush to the student parking lot."

"I'M SITTING ON TOP of the half-pipe in Chris McKellar's backyard."

"I TUCK THE PHOTOCOPIED PAGES in my backpack and hurry out to my car."

"I'M SWEATY when I arrive at the library, and the cold air is a shock"


"JUST LIKE THAT, the future is changed forever."

"JOSH LEANS FORWARD on my bed, one leg crossed over the other."


"MY MOM AND MARTIN are down in the den watch-ing TV, so I go through their room to take a shower."

"MARTIN SETS A BOWL of dry oats and raisins on the counter."

"I JUMP OUT OF EMMA'S CHAIR and slide open her win-dow."

"ON THE DRIVE TO SCHOOL, Josh and I barely speak."

"SOMETIMES I'LL HEAR a song on the radio that launches my mood into a higher orbit."


"TYSON AND KELLAN are already at the lunch tree."

"AFTER THE FINAL BELL RINGS, I'm walking down the stairs on my way to my locker when Kellan barrels past me."

"DAD PICKS UP his office phone and dials Mom's exten-sion."

"I DON'T UNDERSTAND why you're forcing me to eat ice cream," Kellan says, staring at the menu above the concession stand at the lake."

"I SKATE PAST A YELLOW HOUSE with a tire swing out front."

"AFTER DROPPING KELLAN OFF, I drive along the east side of Wagner Park, heading home."

"THERE'S A BREEZE blowing through the trees over in the park, and the air is getting cooler."

"JOSH STEPS BACK FROM ME, and I immediately know I've gone too far."

"I TURN THE DIAL to Hot and water sprays into the wash-ing machine, sending up waves of steam."

"I ADJUST MY REARVIEW MIRROR when I reach the end of the block."


"I HAVE TWENTY MINUTES until I need to be at track, so I'm studying in the library."

"WE'RE IN THE PARKING LOT of Sam's Club, a discount superstore ten miles outside of town."

"I SHUT MY BEDROOM DOOR and dial my dad's number."

"IN THE SMALL employee break room, Tyson's dad brings in two paper plates, each with a slice of pepperoni pizza."



"I'VE HAD A LUMP in my throat since lunch, when Josh told us he's going to the bonfire with Sydney."


"THE INSIDE OF CODY'S CAR is different than I imag-ined."

"I ARRANGE MY CHARCOAL sketches in a semicircle around me, then stand up and take a step back."

"THAT FEELS AMAZING," Cody groans, rolling his head from side to side."

"IT'S NOT A DATE," I say, dipping my spoon into the tur-key soup."

"THE ROAD TO RICK'S HOUSE takes forever."

"I WAIT FOR SHANA to start laughing again."

"KELLAN APPOACHES ME at the coolers."

"I SIT WITH MY FEET buried in the sand, my sneakers set beside me."

"I DON'T TURN ON my bedroom light or even my desk lamp as I sit in front of my computer and sign onto AOL."

"DON'T TURN OFF the engine until you get home," I say."

"SOMEONE SHOUTED outside my window, pulling me out of my sleep."

"ALL WEEK, I've known bits and pieces of my future, and I've wondered how my current actions affect me in fifteen years."


  1. @roro, Yeah, it's a really great read. :)

  2. I actually heard about this book somewhere and instantly wanted to add it to my reading list. I like that this book is about the future. It would be fun to read how someone from the past would react to something that they have never heard of that is so popular and so commonly used in this day and age.

  3. @Luxembourg, Cool, yeah it's a fun book to read especially if you grew up during the 90's.


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