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Blood Drive Review and Giveaway

* ARC received via Writers of the Round Table Press and Once Upon a Twilight Book Tours for the blog tour of this book.

* Finished copy for giveaway provided by
Writers of the Round Table Press.

Blood Drive by Traci Houston

3 gnomes and a gnome hat out of 5 gnomes for this fine look at a world where a lot of magical forces seem to be at work and for having a ton of interesting characters all in one place.

This is a great quick read and has a bunch of characters that are full of surprises.  There's magic, mystery, vampires, and a whole host of complications that play out for all of the characters.  It's also great to have multiple perspectives instead of just one point of view, this lets you invest in all the characters more and is great especially if certain characters are becoming annoying.

There were some awkward misspellings/wrong words in some places in the book.  They didn't hamper my reading experience but they do take you out of the flow of the story a bit.  The overall flow/feel of the book was kind of like one of the early Anita Blake books, Cara kind of reminded me of her because she isn't really sure what the full extent of her power is either.

Cara is a hard character to figure out at first because she doesn't like to let her emotions show.  You'll start to understand why the more you read about her.  She seems to become more sure of herself when she's in danger and protecting others.  

Jonathan doesn't seem all that likable at first either but he definitely grew on me while reading.  He's an interesting take on vampires.  He kind of has the whole Angel attitude, because he's remorseful for everything that he's done and seen.  He is automatically intrigued by Cara and wants to know what exactly she is.  There's a definite chemistry between them that's fun to read and with the ending of the book promises to become even more interesting in the future.

Thomas and Beth are my favorite characters because they are so different yet perfect for each other.  They are anathema to each other at first but their relationship looks to be leading into something more.  There are a lot of secrets between them and I can't wait to find out more about them.

The bad guy is one evil dude.  He has some real delusions of grandeur and will do pretty much anything to attain his goal.  There's loads of violence and he is very fond of killing people not matter who or how important they are.  He of course wants to kill Cara and her friends.

Action, suspense, and trouble abound as these characters go through a heck of a lot of trouble together.  The ending leaves some great questions and possibilities for where all these relationships are headed.  This world is intriguing and Traci Houston absolutely know how to write a story with a great mix of action and mystery.

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Blood Drive Giveaway

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  1. "There were some awkward misspellings/wrong words in some places in the book.  They didn't hamper my reading experience but they do take you out of the flow of the story a bit."

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