Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sentence Sneak Peek - Blood Drive

Blood Drive by Traci Houston

The first sentence from each chapter of
Blood Drive, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* ARC received via Writers of the Round Table Press and Once Upon a Twilight Book Tours for the blog tour of this book.

Introduction - "The blood was still on Cara's hands."

Cara Evens walked quickly down the central corridor of the Miami Police department, idly taking note of the officers who ran their eyes over her.”

"Cara rushed to her car, squealed out of the parking lot, and pulled into an empty alley."

"Cara arrived at the offices of Mr. Jonathan Iverly at a quarter after seven."

"Jonathan excused himself for his "phone calls."

"Cara finished making her notes from the employee files and stepped into the outer office."

"Cara made it home safely after she picked up her car from the empty lot at Iverly Holdings."

"Cara awoke rejuvenated when her alarm clock went off."

"Modern superstition leads people to believe that vampires sleep in coffins, but Jonathan had found he could sleep just about anywhere."

"It was almost six hours before Jonathan's phone rang."

"Cara had phoned Captain Monahan when she returned from Jonathan's that morning."

"Jonathan stared at the door Cara had just shut in his face and wanted to smash it."

"Thomas didn't ask any questions when he was asked to have a rental car delivered to Jonathan in the wee hours of the morning."

"Beth moved about the kitchen preparing lunch."

"The little woman, and it was a woman, was standing on the doorstep."

"They're out by the first turnoff."

"They took turns cleaning up and filling Jonathan in."

"According to the news, the attack on the station was swift, brutal."

"As soon as the sun set Mason left for the station."

"The first thing Cara did was steal Jonathan's car."

"How do you cook like that every night and not weigh four hundred pounds?"

"Beth still looked at it as if she would rather forgo touching the book."

"Thomas is cursed."

"The house was quiet while Jonathan paced in front of the plywood-covered windows."

"When the phone rings at 4:00 A.M. it's usually bad news."

"Jonathan drove carefully to his office, praying that there was a simple explanation for Valerie's disappearance, not allowing himself to give credit to any other scenarios."

"Christian lay in his temporary home."

"Cara and Beth sat at the kitchen table, absorbing the news of Valerie's death."


"Ernie wasn't a bad-looking guy."

"Cara called Beth, gave her the address they were headed to, and explained how they had gotten their information."

"Thomas pulled up and parked behind Mason's car."

"Beth was standing with the door open when Mason and Thomas pulled up."

"A split second after Beth left, Thomas grabbed for his weapons with everyone else in a mad dash to follow her to the front door."

"The five of them stood panting, slightly dazed with the rush of action."

"Thomas shut the door and wondered whether it was wise to let Cara head into the woods after Jonathan."

"Beth's dining room table was littered with maps and files."

"Beth sat at her table and studied the book, again."

"Five-thirty wasn't a whole lot better for bad news."

"Hours passed before Mason and Cara made it back to Beth's as the sun began its descent."

"Mason had been the first to realize that something was wrong, said he'd felt the power and knew it wasn't Beth's."

"Beth took the day to recuperate, thankful for the healing herbs and the oh-so-wonderful pain medication."

"The front door of the building was closed."

"Beth poured antiseptic on a cotton ball."

"Thomas woke up the next morning feeling rested and relaxed."

"Mosquitoes buzzed around Mason as he left the car and scanned the area."

"Mason drove as long as he could."

"Mason slept for the rest of the evening and into the next afternoon."

"Throughout the late afernoon Beth and Grettel went over translations in the library."

"Cara and Mason pulled up in front of the seven-eleven that Danny had called from."


"Jonathan remained unconscious."

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