Saturday, October 15, 2011

Marvelous Mail

Received some marvelous mail this week from Beth Revis the author of Across the Universe.  I entered her creative contest and she gave everyone who entered a prize.  :)

The sticker that was holding the envelope closed, gives a good look at part of the new paperback cover for Across the Universe.

Here's a good picture of everything including the signed book plate and charms.

A nice close up of the charms, which are also clues for what happens in the next book.  Now I just need to find a necklace chain for these charms. :)


  1. I got mine too, they were soo nice. I actually squealed when I opened it. :D
    lots of love for Beth Revis!!!

  2. Those are really pretty charms

  3. @barmybex Cool, yeah I did a happy dance when I saw the charms :). Yep, I love ACROSS THE UNIVERSE and can't wait for the next book.

    @Sullivan, @roro - Thanks, now I just have to find a chain for them and wonder what these clues mean for the next book. :)


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