Monday, October 24, 2011

Interview with Kiki Hamilton, author of THE FAERIE RING

I'm very happy that I got to interview Kiki Hamilton, the author of The Faerie Ring
Bibliognome: What was your inspiration for The Faerie Ring?

Kiki: I was just writing a story that I wanted to read.  I wasn’t aware of any faerie stories set in Victorian London and the idea intrigued me… so I started writing….

Bibliognome: Which character did you think was the easiest to write for and why?

Kiki: They were all pretty easy to write – I had a good sense of who they were – but I have to say both Tiki and Rieker surprised me a number of times.  Still lots to find out about those two.  And maybe a few of the others as well….

Bibliognome: What Fae/Fairy lore do you prefer?

Kiki: I love it all and I like being able to take threads of some of common mythology and weave it into something new.

Bibliognome: What author do you enjoy reading the most?

Kiki: I really love JK Rowling and Harry Potter.  REALLY love it.  I also like Dan Brown, Harlan Coben and Megan Whalen Turner.  I like having a mystery that I’m trying to solve while I’m reading.

Bibliognome: What word is your favorite to say or write?

Kiki: MAGIC. It makes me smile just typing it!

Bibliognome: If you had a gnome character, what would you name them?
Kiki: Gnorish.

Bibliognome: What's the best part of the writing process for you?

Kiki: I love the first draft.  Just letting the story spill out of my head onto the page and being surprised by what my characters do and the mysteries that are revealed.  I LOVE that part.

Bibliognome: What are you writing currently or percolating in your mind to write soon?

Kiki: I have already written the next book in THE FAERIE RING series and my editor is taking a look at it.  I just finished a YA contemporary story called THE LAST DANCE that was SO much fun to write. My agent is looking at that.  At the moment, I’m about halfway through a alternate history YA story set in Victorian London 1895 that I’m tweaking (when I have time!) and I do have an idea for another YA fantasy that I’ll work on soon.

Bibliognome: Anything else that you would like to let people know?

Kiki: I’d just like to thank everyone, the blogging world in particular, for the kind and wonderful support you’ve shown to me and THE FAERIE RING during my debut year.  It has really been a fantastic experience and I’m grateful for every bit of it!!

Quick Questions:
1.) Fairy of Fae?   Fae or Faerie….. or course. :-}
2.) ring or bracelet? Ring – so much power there
3.) silver or gold? Gold – same thing – it’s alchemic powers are legendary
4.) Starbursts or Skittles?  Uh…M&M’s – where’s the chocolate choice??
5.) pen or pencil? Pen – who needs to erase?
6.) Fiction or Nonfiction? I do like both, actually, but if I had to pick-Fiction


  1. Great interview. Thanks.
    Victorian faeries.... Hmmm, must check this out.

  2. Hi Becky!

    Thanks so much for featuring me on your blog today!


  3. @Sullivan, Thanks, yeah I would definitely recommend this book it's a great start for a series.

    @Kiki Hamilton, Hi, thanks for letting me interview you. I really enjoyed reading The Faerie Ring. :)


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