Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fascinating Faeries

The Faerie Ring by Kiki Hamilton

* ARC received from Tor|Forge Books

4 out of 5 gnomes 

The Faerie Ring is a great read that's full of intrigue, mysteries, and characters with secrets and something to prove.

Tiki is not an ordinary pickpocket, she used to have a really good life but after the death of her parents and a scary living situation with her aunt, she ended up on the streets.   

When we meet Tiki though she's really confident in what she does and has pretty much created a new family.  She has banded together with Shamus and Fiona, the people that originally took her in and found two more outcasts to help.  

The family situation that Tiki has with Clara, Toots, Shamus, and Fiona shows how dynamic her character is.  You'll find yourself caring about each of them and wanting them to stay together and succeed against all odds.  She's like the mother hen so when Clara who's only four gets sick she knows that she will do anything to get her better. 

There's a love interest but thankfully not a love triangle because that would have been way too many complications.  Rieker, who's name I kept pronouncing like Riker aka the first officer of a very famous starship, is a fellow thief who has some secrets of his own.  He's kind of a Robin Hood like character who slowly shows his true character to Tiki.  It's great that they don't have an instant connection but that it has to grow and they have to learn to trust each other.

There are some coincidental events that come together of course but even if you might guess what's going to happen it still makes for a great read. The story wasn't as predictable as I thought it was at first either.  I had guessed the reverse of what actually turns out to be true about Tiki and her love interest.

The faerie lore is well done, I like it when faeries are unpredictable and don't have the best intentions.  This story has quite the mixture of faeries and I have a feeling that the faeries will be even more prominent in the next book. 

Tiki's a strong character who knows what she wants, to keep her new family together.  To do this though she will have to make some hard decisions.  These decisions are what make up much of the story.  Her driving goal is to make sure that they are all safe and happy and by the end of the book that goal may have just been met, for now anyway.  There's a lot to discover in this story and the characters are left in a situation with a happy type ending.  I can't wait to see what happens next in this world and Tiki's life.

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